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Welcome to Graze & Gather Casper!

Hi! My name is Kelly. I am a wife, mother and Jesus lover!

My husband taught me to cook and truly appreciate different types of foods when we got married over 22 years ago. Ever since, I have loved cooking and creating amazing feasts for friends and family. This led to baking and into catering for small events. I fell in love with creating new experiences for clients as they fell in love with not only a mouth-watering, unforgettable food experience but also the stunning presentation. Feeding not only the belly but the soul as well!

This business is a family affair! Everyone helps out and works, when they can. Our son is a Culinary-Trained Chef and our oldest daughter is a Wildland Firefighter & Preschool Teacher, so having them pitch in when they are home is always amazing for us!

We love how the grazing table is not only visually stunning, but how it leads everyone to graze and gather around. Which leads to socializing, friendship and spending even more time together. 

We take pride in creating the perfect spread for your event including cocktail parties, weddings, baby showers, or anything in between! GGC can bring the graze to wherever you are, whether that's at home, business, outdoor space, or a venue!
At Graze & Gather Casper we offer the ultimate way to treat your guests to a healthy and abundant dining experience!
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Online Testimonial

“The Grazing Platters full of all kinds of sweets & desserts was AMAZING!! I can't wait to have another gathering with family and friends to see what Kelly puts together for us.”


Sara and Tom L.

“Loved what Kelly put together for our Grazing Table.  There was so much food and such a variety it was hard to choose what would have been my favorite.  It was all so good!


Steven S.

“I let Kelly do all the work and my employees were stuffed after lunch.  My employees truly felt appreciated and the food was delicious.”